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-Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

In 2006, my life changed when God gave me the responsibility to care for this precious little creature, his name was Max.  It appears when I first met Max, he had a bad start in life, the breeders who owned his mother, who was a show dog, decided to keep the rest of the litter, but they wanted to Max down because he had an under bite.  Then in some miraculous reason, they decided to sell him for $500.  Max kept going to foster home to foster until he ended up with my mom’s cousin, she loved max, but could no longer care for him because she had a bad back, so she asked her son to take him and he did.  That was not the best thing for Max, because her son started abusing Max.  One day Max was outside in the backyard and wanted to come in and he kept jumping on the sliding glass door still he broke it, and my cousin started hitting Max so much that Max ran away and they did not find Max until few weeks after.

My mom’s cousin told my mom and even sent a picture to my mom and I saw the photo and fell in love.  I knew at that moment that Me and Max were meant to be together, and we ended up with one another.  Max was my best friend, he was my roommate, my buddy, my consoler.  I loved him and he loved me. 

When we first brought Max home with us, he was so excited, he kept running up and down the stairs.  In his early years we would call him “Bullet” because he was as fast as a bullet whenever he ran.

I never thought that the day would come, where I would have to say goodbye, but unfortunately it came, and I was devastated.  Max was always there when I came home from school or work.   Then all of sudden he wasn’t gone and my world came crashing down on me, I could not get used to being without Max.

At first, when he passed away I thought I was empty handed, but then I realized that Max left me with the greatest gift any friend could leave with and that is he taught me how to love someone unconditionally and I loved him unconditionally, and that is why I believe God put this Beagle Angel in my path, so that I would learn that just like I loved Max unconditionally, God loves me unconditionally.

Please take a look at my drawings and paintings of my Beagle Angel Max

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