About Melissa

Things about me you should know…

  1. I am happily married
  2. My name means “Bee”
  3. My Best Friend is My Husband
  4. I am half Italian and half Puerta Rican
  5. I love to bake
  6. I love animals
  7. I am in love with my Savior, Jesus Christ
  8. My Best Fur Friend is Max, he passed away recently
  9. I love drawing animals
  10. My Favorite junky food is Nachos
  11. My Favorite Dessert is Tiramisu
  12. I am a Hockey Fan
  13. I love Dogs!

My name is Melissa and this is my blog.  My life has not been anything easy, but God has help me keep my sanity from anything I have gone through.  I am happily married and love my husband with all my heart.  I recently am out of a job, and have not had much luck in the job market.  I have made many mistakes, but I am working on getting better as I learn each and every day, how to trust GOD.  I also have a BFA in Graphic Design and I am willing to design anything for anyone.  If you need anything designed please contact me through the contact form on this blog.  I hope you will read my blog, I have dreams of monetizing my blog so that I can help my Husband financially and do what I love to do: Write and Design.  Thank you all for reading and God Bless.