Tanner The Wonder Dog

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Based on a True Story

By: George Barulli

Tanner is our 1-year-old Golden Retriever. We have had him since he was just 3 months old. He is everything you would expect a puppy to be and more. He is handsome, playful and he has graduated from three obedience courses and he needed every one of those classes – trust me. At first, as with any young puppy, Tanner liked to chew shoes, socks, chairs, paper and anything he could get his mouth on, especially my wife’s dish towels! Outside it was grass, sticks, pine cones, plastic, cigarette butts – well you get the picture. So when it was time to train him it wasn’t easy to say the least. Days, weeks and months as we would walk him and he would put one of those things in his mouth we would command “leave it” and when he would obey we would reward him. Finally as he is now a year old he has gotten it. Whenever he puts something in his mouth the command is “leave it” and he drops it.

The other day as I was walking Tanner I noticed that he had something in his mouth. I made the command “leave it” and he dropped it and it was a Lone Car key with a key chain of a Koala bear. Realizing someone may be looking for it I started to ask around. I knew several people that walk their dogs and children in the neighborhood so I would ask but nobody had lost a key. What a mystery! Well about a week goes by and again I was walking Tanner when I noticed this elderly man looking down at the ground as he was walking. I wondered if something was bothering him but when he saw Tanner he began to smile and started petting him- he loves Tanner. I went on my way to complete my walk and on the way back that same elderly gentleman was still looking down. He noticed me on the other side of the street and shouted, “I lost my hearing aid.” Crossing the street to meet him I asked him, “Where do you think you lost it?” He said, “It must have been when I bent down to pet the dog”. Tanner and I began to search for his hearing aid but it was nowhere to be found. He told me his name was Mr. Samson and that if I found it that he lived on that street over there and he pointed. He decided to put a lost and found notice on our HOA website where ironically we put that missing key too. A week went by and the hearing aid had not been found.

On Super bowl Sunday, right before the game, I was walking Tanner and I noticed that there was something in his mouth. You guessed it – the hearing aid. Well I was pretty excited that I could help this gentleman but I didn’t bother to ask him exactly where he lived. Later I would check the aforementioned website and find his phone number but by that time my wife Olga and my 8 year old granddaughter, Sophia, had tracked him down and told him that Tanner had found his hearing aid. His son had mentioned that this was the 3rd time he’d lost it and one time it was at St. Luke’s Eye Institute where I work. St. Luke’s found it later and sent it to him by mail.

The Wednesday after the Super Bowl, I was walking into the office at work when Jim, one of the other transportation drivers I work with, who also happen to be a neighbor of mine, told me to tell another co-worker, David, a story about Tanner’s finding. David is also interested in hearing stories about Tanner because David loves dogs. So I asked Jim, “What story?” He answered, “I ran into Mr. Samson who was at St. Luke’s yesterday and he told me about Tanner finding his hearing aid.” So as I was telling David the story and was concluding I said that Tanner had also found a key but nobody had claimed it yet to which Jim said jokingly, “Well maybe he can find my key.” I asked, “What kind of key is it?” He responded, “It’s a car key and we’ve looked all over the house but could not find it”. I asked, “What does it look like?” and he said, “It’s just a spare key with a Koala bear key chain. I immediately accused him of putting me on. I said, “I told you about this and now you’re mocking me.” He said, “No!” “I’m you telling I lost a key.” I asked him, “What does the key say on it?” Now when we posted it to the lost and found we did not put a full description of the key because we didn’t want someone claiming the key if it wasn’t theirs, but on the koala bear it had Australia written on it. He answered, “Australia,” to which I said, “Are you telling me that the key I have had in my possession for 2 weeks is yours, and I’ve asked just about everybody in the neighborhood and all this time it was yours – the guy who sits right next to me in the office?” I showed him a picture of the key and he confirmed it was his. “Unbelievable!” I shouted, and Jim couldn’t get over it either. Tanner had found the key that belonged to Jim, but we would have never known who the owner was if Mr. Samson hadn’t told Jim the story of Tanner finding his hearing aid, WOW! That Tanner sure is some kind of a Wonder Dog.

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The Cat Man

Today was quite a fun day, I and my husband went to the Humane Society to see the kitty’s.  My husband loves cats and cats love him.  I do not know what it is every animal seems to be enamored with him.

He knows exactly how to hold them and the way he holds them you would think that he is their daddy.

Let me just show you what I am talking about:


Please keep in my mind that these are all different cats and they all loved being held like a baby from my husband.  These animals love him and they love being held.  He loves them too and he has quite a soft heart fat and furry animals.

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Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.

Oscar Wilde


Memory…what is memory?

Memory is something we cherish in our hearts that we can no longer cherish in the physical.

Memory the jingling of the collar from your dog that you miss hearing.

Memory is all those times your four-legged child would complain until you him or her something to eat and now that you don’t have your fur baby, you wish that you can just relive that moment once more.

Memory is all those times you got home and there was your fur baby waiting to greet you and now when you come home you are no longer greeted by the door by your sweet furry friend.

Memory is all those times you would wake up and your dog was right by your bedside sleeping while you had to get up and go to work.

Memory is all those scary pet vet visits when your doggy was sick or was having surgery, and as crazy as it sounds you still wish you were at the vet’s because you know your dog is still with life..

Memory is the first time you and your dog spent the night together, and he kept crying because he was in a new place and needed his special person to hold his paw and just let him know you love him.

Memory is the billions of licks of love you would feel on your skin from your special friend and how much you miss those loving moments.

Memory is running after your pet when he or she steals one of your stuffed animals.

Memory is your dog howling so loud that you are literally telling him or her to shut up and yet you find yourself smiling at the wonderful memory.

Memory is when as you are watching TV your dog is sleeping and snoring and it is a loud snore.

Memory is when your doggy is having a nightmare and you immediately go over there to wake him up and console him because you can not stand to hear his cry.

Memory is just reminding yourself that even though you do not have your puppy anymore, you have the memory of knowing you gave him the life that God wanted him to have.


This poem of the memory is written in the memory of Max, my Beagle boy.  When Max first passed away, I thought I would never get over is but now I realize I feel like his passing made me realize something, I learned how to love something unconditionally.  Unfortunately, for anyone who has ever lost a pet, we never really get over it.  It will always hurt to know that we no longer have our fur baby in our physical presence, but at least our animals can leave knowing that we gave them their best chance.  Max came from a very abusive environment but when he came into my life I made sure he had the best everything.  His passing was sad, but then as I thought more about it I realized that God only takes the best and Max was the best.  I believe that God loved Max so much he wanted to relieve him of his pain and so God took him.  I imagine Max is running around happy and healthy and even though I can not see my baby anymore I am comforted that there no one better than God to take care of my fur baby until I meet up with him.  I just want to take this moment and thank God for giving me such a blessing of a dog and I also want to thank Max for teaching me how to love someone unconditionally to the point you will do everything for them.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is to let God take them, even if it means not seeing them anymore.  I learned from Max’s passing that unconditional love is also letting them go even if it it the most painful thing, and that is why I had to let him go.

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