Everyone has a certain something that they are OCD about, and my OCD is Beagles.  I love beagles, I had a beagle a few years ago and he was the greatest dog I ever had.  He would sleep by my bedside, make a jingling noise with his collar chain, tap dance with his claws touching the tile floor, eat anything and everything off the floor, give me headaches when he would get sick, bark till I gave in, took me on a goose chase when he was sniffing up a trail, cry when he was hungry and give me kisses all hours of the day, but I loved him.  And that’s why ever since then I have become obsessed with collecting anything and everything that has to do with beagles.  I guess I believe that that is my way of having a piece of Max alive.

I know one day I will have another beagle and I will love him as much as I loved Max.  You will never be forgotten Max, and you will always be remembered no matter what happens.  I know that for 12 years I was the most luckiest girl in the world because I had you as a part of my family.  I love you Max and I miss you.



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