Inspirations from a Famous Mouse and a Memorable Dog

I only hope we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse.

– Walt Disney October 27,1954

I am an artist and one of my main reasons for starting this blog was to blog about animals.  Inspirations come from who we are, they come from what we love and what we are not expecting.  When my beagle Max died I found some comfort in writing about different animals whether they are cartoons or real animals.  The point is I was not expecting Max to die, but he was the inspiration I needed to start this blog.

When Walt Disney was least expecting it, his inspiration had been living right underneath his nose.  His Inspiration was a little mouse who had been living in his Laugh-O-Gram Studio, this mouse eventually became the cultural icon, Mickey Mouse.

It is amazing when an inspiration just comes when you are least expecting it, but it is the inspiration that can start the beginning of a happily ever success.

“All the Adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles have strengthened me.”

-Walt Disney

When I lost Max, I thought I would never get used to him not being around.  There were times when I would cry about max, then all of sudden I would doodle.  I found doodling would help me not to think about the pain.  I would especially doodle about animals because I love animals.  That lead me to my inspiration: Max.  I decided to start my own blog and I have had it ever since.

“If you can dream it,

You can do it.

Always remember,

this whole thing was

started with a dream 

and a mouse.”

-Walt Disney

I had actually never thought that inspiration could come from an animal, but if Walt Disney was inspired to create the cultural icon Mickey Mouse then God really does have an important purpose for animals in humans lives.  Animals comfort, they give hope, they are companions and just the sight or the touch of animal can change a person’s mood.

I want Max’s memory to live on, because he was so good and loyal to me.  I believe it is the feeling that something or someone can start that provokes a person to take a chance and to give them selves a chance.  I had never really applied myself completely to become an artist until after Max’s death.  Thanks to the memory of Max I realize that creating art is what I need to do.  I not only want to Dream my dream I want to live it.


The Sweetest Kind of Love Story Comes To an End at the Big Cat Rescue: Cameron & Zabu

Cameron & Zabu Together Forever

About a few months ago I had written a blog about Cameron the Lion’s passing.  For those of you who do not know Cameron he was born at a Circus with his lovely Zabu the White Tiger at a circus and a roadside zoo, where they were kept in cages and treated like a piece of meat.  All that changed for these too Feline Lovers on May 5, 2004, when the Big Cat Rescue rescued both of them.  The Big Cat Rescue was the place where Cameron and Zabu remained together for the remainder of their lives.

I had the honor of meeting these two beautiful gigantic felines when my husband, Brian who was at the time my boyfriend took me to the Big Cat Rescue.  I had never heard of the place before, but once I went I was saddened how horrible man can be to God’s beautiful creatures all for a profit.

When I met Zabu, she was energetic, playful, full of life and she loved her man…Cameron.  Cameron was the complete opposite of Zabu, his beautiful lady.  Cameron was lazy and just liked to sleep all day, but he was very overprotective of Zabu.

When Cameron and Zabu first came to the Big Cat Rescue, the Big Cat Rescue knew it was key to keep this lovely pair together, so they decided to construct a large natural enclosure.

Their were a couple of other issue that threatened to separate this beautiful furry couple and that was the circus that they had been born into purposed wanted to breed white liger cubs, so they decided to give Cameron a vasectomy to prevent any cubs being made.  But problems did not end their because the heat also played an issue.  Every time the heat was on Cameron and Zabu, Cameron would get really possessive and aggressive towards anyone that went close to Zabu, so they decided to have Zabu spayed hoping that would curve Cameron’s behavior.  Unfortunately, that did not work either, so in order to keep this couple together they had to make the decision to either separate Cameron from Zabu Permanently or get Cameron Neutered.  There was one loss if they decided to get Cameron neutered and he would lose his mane.  If Cameron could talk I know he would prefer to lose his mane than to be separated from the woman he loved, so the Big Cat Rescue had him neutered and Cameron and Zabu remained together for the remainder of their lives.

One day Cameron stopped eating.  Then a day turned into weeks, and into months.  The keepers had changed his medications various times.  They tried to find the magic balance so they could give Cameron his best chance to live and not leave Zabu alone.  Unfortunately on February 19, 2019, Cameron crossed the rainbow bridge.  His necropsy show that he had liver cancer and so he was euthanized that very day.

Zabu was heartbroken and she was never really the same without her best friend and first and only love.  About a month later, Zabu had completely lost her will to live without Cameron and her kidneys were also failing.  It was time for these two beautiful feline lovers to be reunited again.  On March 3, 2019 Zabu breathed her last breath and was reunited with Cameron and crossed the rainbow bridge with him.

Zabu was the most prettiest Tiger I ever saw and she was so lucky to have a faithful love to come back for her and take her with him.


I know this is a story about two animals, but I think if we just stopped and looked at how unconditional an animals love is for one another, we can learn a whole lot.  Cameron and Zabu are together again and will never be separated again.

There’s a Reason for everything

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.08.56 PM

God has saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.

2 Timothy 1:9

There’s a Reason for everything…

How I dislike that saying because no matter how many times you hear, “There’s a reason for everything,” you still come back to question everyone asks … “Why?”

” Why did this happen to me?”

“Why did I not get the lead role in the play?”

“Why did I have a miscarriage?”

“Why did he leave me with three kids?”

And the whys keep going on and on.  A lot us who have had to deal with tough situations , are always asking why and are also preaching to the choir that we are very generous.  Sometimes, I believe we think that just because we do good deeds that we automatically get a pass from the rain raining down on us and the lightning striking us.  That is exactly what life is a Thunderstorm.  We can either walk through the storm or stay in our nice secure cozy home where everything predictable and nothing ever changes.

Which brings to an animal that I adore.  He is a dog and is my favorite dog breed.  I had the pleasure owning one : The Beagle.

This story is not about my fur baby, but is about a very special Beagle who found himself behind the bars with only 72 hours to get adopted … or else he would be euthanized.  Some you may remember an article that was written in 2011 about a Beagle Mix who walked into a gas chamber to be euthanized because he had not been adopted in that 72 hours he had to get off of death row.

This is Daniel’s story the Beagle Mix who faced death and was given a second chance at life.  This story is very dear to my heart because I have never heard anything like this story.  It is truly amazing how God used this Beagle Mix to open the eyes of many that even in the midst of adversity and darkness, there is a reason for everything.

Daniel was a Beagle Mix stray and was immediately taken to the Animal Shelter.  He got to the shelter and was only given 72 hours to get adopted.  Why? It is so unfair that even an innocent pays the consequences of man’s cruelty.  What did Daniel do?  Nothing other than being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I wonder if Daniel was as scared as we are in our situations of life where we haven’t done anything to deserve any hardship that comes our way.  But if a dog can escape his facing death than why would we think we can escape our hard life situations.

The next morning at the Animal Shelter Daniel’s time had run out, there was nothing that could be done for Daniel other than to put him out of his misery.  But Why? What did he do to deserve this?  Why didn’t anyone want him?  A lot of times we do not have to do anything to get something and unfortunately for Daniel he had to go through the same thing.

As the guard walked Daniel toward the chamber, the guard opened the door and put Daniel in with a bunch of other dogs.  The guard closed the door and turned on the gas.  Then after the euthanization procedure was done, the guard opened the door and out came Daniel walking out with his tail wagging while the other dogs were lifeless.

God gave Daniel a second chance at life, a second chance to be loved and second chance for Daniel to love someone else in return, and to make a difference and to open many blinded eyes.  Why did Daniel live?  Why did God choose a dog?  Honestly, I don’t have that answer all I know is that God wanted to use this precious animal because Daniel had a purpose, and we have a purpose.

I love talking about this story about Daniel the Beagle Mix, it is so inspirational that God would use an adorable Beagle for his plan and purpose.

By the way, Daniel was adopted and boy after this story was published on line and on the news, there was not a single person that did not want to adopt Daniel.  He is now living the life that God meant for him and Daniel is a walking and wagging miracle.




Happy Memorial Day!


What is Memorial Day?

It is an American Holiday that is on the very last Monday of May. On this day we honor all the men and women who died fighting and serving for this country.

It was originally known as Decoration Day, which originated in the years after the Civil War. Decoration Day became an official Holiday in 1971.

What is Decoration Day?

In the late 1860s, Americans from all over started holding Springtime tributes to all the countless fallen soldiers by decorating their graves with flowers and reciting prayers.

Why was it called Decoration Day?

The reason for it being called Decoration Day was, it did not mark the anniversary of any particular battle.

History of Memorial Day

At first, Memorial Day, which was also known as Decoration Day, originally only honored those lost while fighting in the Civil War. During World War 1 the U.S. faced another conflict , and the holiday evolved to commemorate the American Military Personnel who died in all wars.

For decades, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30th, but in 1968 Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which established Memorial Day to be on the last Monday of May. This way all Federal employees would have a three-day weekend; this change went into effect in 1971. This was the same law that declared Memorial Day a Federal Holiday.

How Americans Celebrate Memorial Day

There are many ways that we American will celebrate Memorial Day. Some Americans will visit the cemeteries and memorials to give thanks to our fallen heroes who fought for the country they love.

Some Americans wear a red poppy flower in remembrance of those fallen in a war, which, by the way, this tradition started with the World War 1 Poem.

Many Americans take weekend trips or throw parties or BBQ on the holiday.


Today is an important day for America, this day is to remember all the hero’s who either serve or served in the U.S. Military for their great love for America.

Don’t forget!

Please tune in on the National Moment of Remembrance that takes place at 3 p.m. local time

Happy Memorial Day!


Daniel & The Walk For Life

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.08.56 PM


Daniel The Miraculous Beagle & The Walk of Life

In 2011, I was searching the internet and I came across this article about a Beagle Mix who was a stray and was brought to a Kill Shelter in Alabama. This Beagle had 4 days to become adopted and if he was not he would face his demise.

Unfortunately for this beagle luck had not been on his side on those four days that he needed to count. His life was at stake, all he needed was someone who would love him and want him, but things do not always go the way one wants it.

The Beagle Mix had to face his fate from being alive to not exist anymore. Once this Beagle’s life line ran out he was brought with a bunch of other dogs into a gas chamber. They closed the door to the gas chamber and turned on the gas, and then the guard who had turned on the gas opened the door to the gas chamber. All the other dogs had been killed from the gas except one lucky boy, Daniel the Beagle who walked out wagging his tail.

The Beagle mix was named Daniel after the character in the Bible, Daniel. I have learned from reading Daniel’s Story that sometimes unexpected and trying things happen to us in our lives. We kind of feel like Job from the Bible, asking “Why God? If you love me so much why do you allow me to go through this?” There will never be a logical and common sense answer why this happened to me? But I know this that God would never allow us to go through something we can not handle. Life is not easy and confronting something like death can be scary, but if a dog can go through it than why can’t we.

I am convinced that God had a plan for Daniel. I don’t know what the plan is but if I had to guess I think God wanted to open peoples’ eyes and have them think just because no one will adopt this miraculous dog, does not mean he deserves to die. Every single person or creature deserves a chance at life , only God can decided who should live and who should die.

The whole reason why I wanted to speak about Daniel was to also speak about the Walk of Life.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.09.46 PM

A few weeks ago my husband and me did the walk for life with our church and other churches. I did not realize how important a life is when no one stands up for it. Life is a gift from God, it does not matter whether it is an unborn child in a mother’s womb or an innocent animal like Daniel. Only the one who gives the life should have the right to take it away.

God is life and God loves every one of creations. It is true God loves us more than the birds of the air but that does not mean he does not love our animals. If God did not love our animals then why are there animals like Daniel that leave you with you’re jaw dropping.

It breaks my heart to see how many unborn babies are sacrificed because they are not wanted or are an inconvenience. A child should never be unwanted or an inconvenience. You never know who that little person will become, in years to come they can be someone that may turn the hearts of many or make a difference.

Daniel was like one of those unborn babies that they sacrifice every day. Daniel’s arrival was inconvenient. The shelter was more worried about the room available. They did not even care that Daniel was innocent.

Remember everyone or everything deserves a chance at life because you never know who they can or will become in years to come.

In Memory of Cameron the African Lion – Oct. 2000 – Feb. 2019

In Memory of Cameron The African Lion

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.55.51 PM

Just last night I read some very sad news that I was not aware of, Cameron the African Lion has passed away.

Cameron was rescued by the Big Cat Rescue in 2004.  When Cameron first arrived at the BCR he was nothing but skin and bones.  Thanks to the care from the BCR, they gave Cameron the life he should of had from the moment he was born.  Unfortunately, even animals can have more downs than ups in the beginning, and that was Cameron’s case.  For the past 15 years that Cameron resided in BCR he was tempted at every meal.  Recently the staff would come out a couple of times to offer every kind of meal to see which meal Cameron preferred the most.

Sadly in the recent months his medication had been changed up to see if there was any other way it could help this sweet Lion from starving himself, but unfortunately there was nothing left for BCR to try.  The time to say goodbye to one of the most memorable residence had come.

I am very sad to hear about the passing of Cameron.  I am very happy that I was able to see him two times, when me an my husband would go to the BCR, and we always got to see Cameron.

It was always nice to see how much Cameron loved his beautiful lady Zabu.  I could see how protective Cameron was of her and how much he loved her.  The BCR will never be the same with out Cameron, but I am sure glad I got to meet that big ferocious Lion.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.45.46 PM

Cameron and Zabu

You will always be remembered Cameron and have inspired many who have gone to the BCR or work or have worked there to end the practice of breeding wild cats for life in cages.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 9.45.33 PM

Cameron with his Giant Donut

You will be remembered for your playfulness and for the love you showed to your favorite girl Zabu

Cameron The Lion


This is the maneless Cameron

The Lion is a muscular, deep-chested cat with a short, round head, a reduced neck and round ears.

In 2016, me and my husband ( at the time was my boyfriend) went to the Big Cat Rescue.  I had never been there before and my husband is a hug cat lover.  He loves cats, he shows me videos of cats, he meows like a cat, shows me pictures of cats he loves holding cats, and he has calendars of cats.

Anyways me and him went to the Big Cat Rescue, and for those of you who do not know what the Big Cat Rescue is here is the Wikipedia definition, “is an animal sanctuary near Tampa, FL. devoted to rescuing and housing exotic cats, rehabilitating injured or orphaned native wild cats, and ending the private trade and ownership of exotic cats via educational outreach and legislation.

Meeting Cameron The Lion


When we went each exotic cat had their story along with their tragedy.  One of the exotic cats I fell in love with was the King of the Jungle… that’s right the ferocious African Lion, Cameron.  This handsome giant cat looked so sweet, which I may have not felt that way about Cameron if I was behind bars with him.  Cameron had come from this zoo who had been starving him, so they had decided to give Cameron vasectomy.  The only bad thing about giving Cameron a vasectomy, there was a chance he could lose his mane and he did.

Cameron has been with the Big Cat Rescue since 2004, he enjoys catching and chasing his tail, sleeping and eating.  He also did not come to the Big Cat Rescue alone, he came along with the beautiful White Tiger Zabu.  These two were meant to be together and they are definitely an item.  The reason why they came at the same time was they were with the same zoo who were abusing them.  The zoo had those two together with the hopes that they can breed White Ligers and make a bunch of money.  Luckily, for these two lovers they no longer have to worry about being exploited or abused.

These two lovebirds or lovecats will remain in the Big Cat Rescue for the rest of their lives.  Unfortunately they will never be able to run free in the wild due to the damage the Zoo did to these two beautiful creature, but now Cameron is living like the King of the Jungle and Zabu like the Queen of Persia.


This is Zabu, Cameron Girlfriend

For those who have not been to the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL. I highly recommend you to go, you will meet a lot of beautiful exotic cats and one of them will be the King of Jungle … Cameron!